Re: Need information on NFS

George Robbins (cbmvax!grr@seismo.CSS.GOV)
Mon, 22 Dec 86 04:43:01 est

In article <In article <8612200757.AA28013@hoptoad.uucp> hoptoad!tim (Tim Maroney) writes:
>I really question whether RPC can be considered OS independent. It is way
>too big for microcomputers. An acquaintance involved with NFS (who has
>never worked for Sun) gave me an estimate recently that a client side alone
>Tim Maroney, Electronic Village Idiot

Times change - there is already Alpha test version of NFS for the Amiga by
an outfit called Ameristar Technologies. You can assume that in a year or
so, when the 1MB chips reach price parity, you're going to see a bunch of

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