Submission for mod-protocols-tcp-ip

Michael Dorl (uwvax!uwmacc!dorl@seismo.CSS.GOV)
22 Dec 86 15:08:58 GMT

Path: uwmacc!dorl
From: From: dorl@uwmacc.UUCP (Michael Dorl)
Newsgroups: mod.protocols.tcp-ip,comp.bugs.4bsd
Subject: Telnet - Local flow control
Message-ID: <757@uwmacc.UUCP>
Date: 22 Dec 86 15:08:57 GMT
Organization: UWisconsin-Madison Academic Comp Center
Lines: 2
Keywords: telnet, flow control

I am looking for patches to BSD 4.3 telnet that allows local flow control.
Ideally, telnet should allow the user to specify this as an option.

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