Submission for mod-protocols-tcp-ip

Michael Dorl (uwvax!uwmacc!dorl@seismo.CSS.GOV)
22 Dec 86 15:04:13 GMT

Path: uwmacc!dorl
From: From: dorl@uwmacc.UUCP (Michael Dorl)
Newsgroups: mod.protocols.tcp-ip,comp.dcom.lans
Subject: Ethernet loading tools
Message-ID: <756@uwmacc.UUCP>
Date: 22 Dec 86 15:04:12 GMT
Organization: UWisconsin-Madison Academic Comp Center
Lines: 7

I am looking for some tools to load an Ethernet. I am interested in
software for use with BSD Unix or Wollongong WIN/VX that puts a heavy
load on a Ethernet. I want to be able to put a known load on the network
and hopefully also gather some statistics such as collisions, late collisons,
byte counts, packet counts (good and bad), etc. I'd be satisfied to find
client programs that generate traffic with specifed characteristics to use
with the ECHO and DISCARD servers.

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