Re: Need information on NFS

Tim Maroney (hoptoad!tim@lll-crg.ARPA)
Sun, 21 Dec 86 01:34:39 PST

Unfortunately, the current crop of 512K and 640K micros are not going to
magically evaporate when the technology improves. IBM offers no upgrades,
and Apple's are priced too high for large nets to make them on a general
basis. We still have VAXen even though you can buy a better machine for
under $30K these days, after all.

Also remember that the 100K estimate was for a client RPC only. I don't
know how much an NFS client itself would add, nor an RPC server and NFS
server. A complete NFS implementation would surely strain even a one
megabyte Mac+ or (hypothetical) MS/DOS version 5 machine. For instance, the
Mac Programmer's Workshop (a Greenhills C compiler with a scaled-down but
still powerful UNIX subset) requires over 800K. This means you couldn't
have NFS installed during program development.

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