Re: Arpanet outage

20 Dec 1986 03:39-EST


First, doing packet switching on top of circuit switching is actually
not a bad idea and I know of at least one packet vendor whose
switches internally have a built-in circuit switch to allow the
pt-pt topology of the network to be altered under the control of the
packet switches(!).

About the DCTN, if it is ISDN-like, won't it be entirely digital?
If so, I assume the only reason for the channel bank is to go from
D to A to the analog telephone and maybe on-post analog (?) PBX?

Doesn't the post have alternative, digital radio (?) links to, say,
the townCO or to the long-lines termination, in addition to the
buried cable? It doesn't seem prudent to put all the channels
on the buried cable...


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