Re: Was: Protocol Development on SUN 2 and 3 computers.

Marshall Rose (
Fri, 19 Dec 86 09:22:44 -0800

    [ My appologies to everyone for continuing this flame, but I could
    not let it go past untouched... ]

> If your goal is general protocol/network development or
> cross-system integration, the Symbolics Lisp Machine's "Generic
> Network System" is probably 10x more powerful. Use UN*X to
> develop UN*X software, particularly when there are no deep
> design issues involved. Use something far better if there are
> any hard or unresolved issues to be solved. I could easily
> justify my 10x claim, but this conversation wasn't about that.

    Use Lisp environments to develop Lisp environment software. Don't
    preach to others about which system is more powerful. While I
    admire the tight integration between the networking software and the
    rest of the lisp environment, I know a lot of people who wouldn't
    consider even touching a lisp environment to do protocol
    development. It is a matter of personal taste and personal
    productivity. There is no way you could justify your 10x claim in
    my environment (and yes, we do have people building distributed
    expert-systems on top of lisp environments here, so we have detailed
    experience in building things on top of the environment you

    While the original speaker may have been out of line in his claim
    that "we believe SunOS offers most of the facilities you need", your
    response was, owing to its language and posturing, even more out of

    Please direct further outrages to me personally, rather than burden
    the list...



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