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Subject: VM Interface for TCP/IP
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Date: 17 Dec 86 21:39:07 GMT
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Posted: Wed Dec 17 15:39:07 1986
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I just received my copy of "The IBM Software Catalog for VM Systems"
in the mail today. The following is an excerpt from this catalog.

VM Interface Program for TCP/IP

Program Number: 5798-DRG

Purpose: This program offering provieds the VM/SP user with
                        the ability to participate in a network using the
                        TCP/IP transmission protocol. This includes the
                        ability to transfer files, send mail, and log on
                        remotely to a VM host. The Program uses a
                        System/370 channel, attached to a front-end Series/1
                        with EDX or RPS, or a Device Access Control Unit.
                        Sample programs are provided for these system
                        configuratuions to permit intrfaceing to local area
                        networks including X.25, ProNET, or Ethernet.

Manuals: Availability Notice, GB13-7712.

I was wondering if anyone has had any experience
with this product and what likes and dislikes they have with this

I have not talked with my IBM salesman yet, so I don't have any other
information (cost, availability, etc).

If you mail any reques to me I will be glad to send you any additional
information when I get it. If there is enough demand I will post a summary
to the net.

Thanks for any help.



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