Maintaining Statistics for TCP/IP Implementations

Chris Markle (cam@ACC-SB-UNIX.ARPA)
Wed, 17 Dec 86 07:08:58 pst

On the last day of the TCP/IP Implementor's Workshop held in August 86,
a gentleman from BBN spoke about network monitoring protocols. In this
discussion was mentioned a "list" of statistics that TCP/IP
implementations could maintain for internal use by the implementation
or for query by a network monitor device via some sort of network
monitoring protocol. The BBN gent was asked if he would post this
list of statistics on this mailing list; he seemed to imply that he

Did this information get posted and I missed it? If so, does anyone
know what msg number it was or what date it was posted? If not, would
the folks at BBN be interested in posting it?

Also, if anyone else has notions on what sort of statistics would be
worthwhile for a TCP/IP (etc.) implementation to maintain, please send
mail to me directly and I will summarize the responses in a later
posting to this mailing list.

Thanks in advance for any help in this matter.

Chris Markle (Chris Markle (cam@acc-sb-unix) (301-290-8100)

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