Re: Arpanet outage

Andrew Malis (
Wed, 17 Dec 86 9:34:12 EST


To answer your question: when service was restored, the PSNs
automatically brought the trunks back up and reconnected the
network together. No manual intervention required.


P.S. Here's another good topic to rant and rave about:

Don't you hate it when hosts keep messages sitting in queues
for days, and conversations get out of sync? Take, for example,
this message we all just received this morning:

Received: from SRI-NIC.ARPA by CCS.BBN.COM ; 17 Dec 86 08:48:38 EST
Received: from by SRI-NIC.ARPA with TCP; Wed 17 Dec 86 00:03:07-PST
Received: by (4.12/4.7)
        id AA19852; Mon, 15 Dec 86 05:42:39 est
Date: Mon 15 Dec 86 05:42:30-EST
From: Dennis G. Perry <PERRY@VAX.DARPA.MIL>
Subject: Re: Arpanet outage

It took about 42 hours for to send it to
SRI-NIC.ARPA, and another 9 hours to make it to me.

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