Re: Arpanet outage

16 Dec 1986 21:00:01 EST

Ken (and the others who have jumped into this),
Wow. I guess this surfaced an issue that many of us had
taken for granted -- that those who are responsible for
deploying the Arpanet and Milnet (and who know what else) have
been keeping the "diversity of routing" high enough to ensure
"reliability/survivability" of data links during even normal
times. (There wil always be a farmer in Illinois who digs before
asking.) Anyway, here's hoping we can benefit from this recent
minor debacle.
One additional query of those in the know: when the service was
restored did things just start to work again or did some manual
intervention get packets routing on their merry way?


PS. I really like to have these "system level" discussions whenever
we are "lucky" enough to have serious disruptions of the underlying
technology. Thye are rare events and we think we have designed
our methods to deal with them. And we rarely have the guts to
blast ourselves out of the water to "test" them.

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