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Subject: Re: Protcol Development on SUN 2 and 3 computers.
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In article <> robert@SPAM.ISTC.SRI.COM (Robert Allen) writes:
> I'm wondering if anyone has attempted to develop other
>protocols on Sun computers using the "open-architecture". From
>initial inspection of the Sun document "Network Implementation"
>it appears that one can provide different protocol routines at
>various layers, and make use of the kernel hooks built into the
>system, thus provideing socket-type interfaces for protocols other
>than the currently supported TCP/IP and UDP ...
Actually, Suns open network architecture is just Berkeley 4.2bsd's
architecture, which is not so open if you try to do a really different
protocol, as we did with XNS. 4.3bsd Unix is much more amenable to
different protocols, and we have (twice now) stripped out Sun's
networking code and replaced it with the 4.3 code, in order to
include 4.3's XNS support.


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