Protcol Development on SUN 2 and 3 computers.

Robert Allen (
Mon, 15 Dec 86 13:27:07 PST

Pardon me for posting with a non-TCP/IP related subject, I have
no good excuse...

        I'm wondering if anyone has attempted to develop other
protocols on Sun computers using the "open-architecture". From
initial inspection of the Sun document "Network Implementation"
it appears that one can provide different protocol routines at
various layers, and make use of the kernel hooks built into the
system, thus provideing socket-type interfaces for protocols other
than the currently supported TCP/IP and UDP (I knew I could make
this letter pertinent).

        Specifically, I would like to know if; a) anyone has tried
this with other protocols, and if so then which protocols, b) which
layers are supported in this open architecture, and c) what problems
were encountered if any.

        Any comments, questions, pointers, etc. are appreciated.

                                                Robert Allen

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