Arpanet outage

Charles Hedrick (
Mon, 15 Dec 86 02:19:25 est

A few days ago, the East Coast vanished. We talked to NOC about it.
I didn't follow everything they said, so I could be misinterpreting
it. But what I thought I heard was that the Arpanet had fractured
into a number of small, self-contained pieces. This was due to a
single physical cable break. NOC itself was cut off from most of the
rest of the network, as were we (using an IMP in New York City). One
would have thought that the Arpanet had enough redundancy that a
single cable break would not isolate an IMP, and even if it did, that
it would not do this for both NYC and Boston. I had hoped that
someone more in the know would give us a more detailed report of what
happened. Is this going to happen?

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