4.3bsd/telnet break

12 December 1986 1157-PST (Friday)

We've had some users, who connect to us via tacs,
complain that programs now mysteriously crash. One hunch
is that we're receiving telnet breaks (iac brk), which the
4.3bsd telnet server turns into the dump core signal (SIGQUIT).
So, the question is, "Can a telnet break be sent from a tac
and, if so, how?". I haven't found much information on tacs
(any suggestions, I've tried rfcs and nic tacnews), but tacs
do use "@" as an escape character (which has caused grief
when users try to send mail to say, user@colorado.edu). Is
there a tac escape sequence for sending the telnet break;
eg, @b?


Ron Stanonik

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