DDN implementation

Wed, 10 Dec 86 17:12:10 EST

We at Michigan State University are implementing a campus
wide Ethernet over broadband cable. I would like to ask two

1. We have installed a Fibronics K-320 on our IBM mainframe
     to do TELNET and FTP. We can't seem to find a satisfactory
     program to run in our PC compatibles with 3COM cards. We
     are looking for people who are using the K-320 with 3COM
     cards doing 3270 emulation. We would like to find sites
     who are satisfied with a TELNET program on the PC when
     communicating with a K-320.

2. We are looking for possible network analyzers to use when
     debugging network problems. The only one that we currently
     have any information on is one from EXCELAN which is $9,500
     for a card and some PC software. We have access to both
     a SUN and AT-compatible equipment.

PHONE: 517-353-2984
ADRESS: Charles Severance
            Michigan State University
            301 Computer Center
            East Lansing, MI 48824

Thank you in advance.

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