DDN implementation

Tue, 9 Dec 86 17:15:16 EST

        We have installed a product called FTP-VMS, a TCP/IP Ethernet File
Transfer Software from a company called Process Software in Amherst, MA
(413) 549-6994, on a trial basis.

        According to the product literature, it

                o operates with DEC Ethernet/802.3 Hardware
                o implements TCP/IP FTP Networking Standard
                o shares Ethernet Hardware with DECnet
                o works with TELNET-VMS (another of their products)

        I am interested to know if anyone else uses this product, and
if so, what are their experiences? Please send me mail directly.

        Thank you.

                                Peter Roden, VMS Systems Manager
                                Harvard University Science Center

Bitnet: Bitnet: roden@harvsc3
UUCP: ihnp4!wjhiz!HUSC3!roden
internet: roden%husc4@harvard.harvard.edu
voice: (617) 495-1270

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