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Sanjay Uppal (uwvax!uppal@seismo.CSS.GOV)
30 Nov 86 03:15:18 GMT

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Subject: MIT PC/IP request
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Date: 30 Nov 86 03:15:18 GMT
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Organization: U of Wisconsin CS Dept
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HELP! We obtained the PC/IP code of March 1986 from the MIT Lab.(the tar
tape). However, we are unable to get the cross compiler. The person
at MIT didn't know from where we could get it.

Meanwhile, we had an old cross compiler version, and went about
making the changes as mentioned in the INSTALL file in the release.
The "context diffs were merged by hand", and the instructions were
followed to the letter. However, we are in a deeper mess now, as we
are getting strange errors while doing "make".

Could somebody please direct us to the source of the cross compiler
which is compatible with the March 1986 distribution? Or better,
send/mail/ftp to us if you have a running version?

(In desperation)

Sanjay Uppal (
C.W. Bhide (

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