secondary gateways

Tue, 25 Nov 86 15:46:07 CST

I am planning the design of a new type of bulletin board system for IBM
VM/CMS systems. Due to the inherent limitations of this operating system
to 8 characters for userids, and the fact that I would like to have mail
for this bbs directed to topics as userids, I need to bypass this limit.
The way I best see to do this is to create a psuedo-node and run a "gateway"
to it somehow. One problem I see with this is that mail is gatewayed into
BITNET, all that remains normally is the RFC822 header. Sometimes this
does not indicate the real destination that SMTP really knew. I am
inquiring into the possibilities of getting mail from the gateway in BSMTP
envelopes. What I would like to know is if there are any alternative ways
to get this information (the real destination) and if any new standards
development is planning to address this.

Thanks. /Phil/ka9wgn

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