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Ole Jorgen Jacobsen (OLE@SRI-NIC.ARPA)
Fri 21 Nov 86 10:54:31-PST

Tauss, G.; Kane, J. Agencies handle data transfer with packet tech. Gov.
    Comput. News. 5: 37-38; 1986 January 17.

Tully, J. XNS and TCP/IP protocols on Ethernet. Networks 85: Proceedings of
    the European Computer Communications Conference; 1985; London. Pinner,
    England: Online Publications; 1985: 103-112.

Wood, H.M. Network protocol standards: The U.S. government approach.
    J. Telecommun. Networks. 1(2): 189-190; 1982 June.

Zhang, L. Why TCP timers don't work well. Communications Architectures and
    Protocols; SIGCOMM '86 Symposium; 1986 August 5-7; Stowe, VT: Association
    for Computing Machinery; 1986.

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