Re: TELNET 3270 for PC/IP

Drew Daniel Perkins (
Wed, 19 Nov 86 22:02:58 est

Sorry for not replying, but I didn't want to get you excited for nothing.
Here's the good news. Yes, we do have a working version of tn3270 for PC/IP.
It emulates a 3278 on a mono card, and it has full color support and emulates
a 3279 on a color card. It also has a key redefinition facility. We are
using it here at CMU and it works great. Now here's the bad news.
Unfortunately, the 3270 emulator was done by someone in IBM and is owned by
IBM/ACIS. They won't let me distribute it. I also have a driver for the IBM
token ring card. Unfortunately, we did it with IBM funding, so they own the
code and won't let me distribute it. Both of these were done on top of my
Microsoft C version of PCIP, which fortunately was done without IBM funds and
is freely distributable to anyone who wants it. IBM is putting all their
eggs in U. of Md. basket and hopes that they will soon be distributing both
as an official IBM/ACIS supported product. If you (any universities anyway)
would like to get my software NOW, PLEASE bang on your local IBM marketing
people's heads to get them to allow me to distribute it. Like most
university software, we won't officially support it but I do usually fix the
bugs as soon as I hear about them.


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