Linda Crosby (lcrosby@ALMSA-1.ARPA)
Wed, 19 Nov 86 13:11:40 CST

     I am in the process of establishing a TCP/IP network that will
run on Broadband ethernet. The prototype installation will consist of
4 mainframe computers (VAX 780) and 8 or 16 users using IBM-PC clones. The
highwater mark could be as many as 8 mainframe computers and 400 IBM-PC
clone users.

     I would like to know if 400 users, as described above, running the
standard suite of DOD protocols (TCP/IP, TELNET, FTP, SMTP) can be
supported on a single ethernet ? How many connections would be
reasonable before the network begins to degrade ? Is anyone familiar
with a broadband ethernet, similar to what we are proposing, that is
configured with 400 connections ? Is this reasonable ?

     I would like to here from anyone who has covered this ground
before. A successfull installation elsewhere would be a big
confidence builder.

Linda J. Crosby
Technical Liaison

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