TELNET 3270 for PC/IP

Peter Day {EUCC} (ospwd@EMORY.ARPA)
Mon, 17 Nov 86 17:53:40 EST

The following is a summary of responses to my request for
TELNET 3270 for PC/IP. Essentially, it appears that this will be
available from two universities: Cornell (via Maryland
Distribution) and Berkeley. In addition, FTP Software responded
that they expect to have it by March 1987.

The Berkeley program uses the Ungerman Bass TCP-PC product, which
is particularly interesting because it not only has a netbios
interface, but also a Name Service facility.


Date: Wed, 22 Oct 86 17:39:15 PDT
From: Greg Small <From: Greg Small <>

Greg Minshall is porting his Unix tn3270 to the PC. It is based on
Ungermann-Bass's TCP-PC product that runs on their intelligent Ethernet
controller. Tn3270 interfaces to the Ungermann-Bass extended Netbios
interface through a temporary socket library, but will be converted
to Ungermann-Bass's socket library for the PC.

The extended Netbios interface allows running telnet, ftp, tn3270 and user
socket programs concurrent with IBM PC Network applications. The Netbios
supports IBM PC Network applications with standard Netbios calls using
TCP/IP for the transport and routing. The extensions give TCP, IP and
direct Ethernet access.

For more information on tn3270, mail to For more information on tn3270, mail to minshall@opal.Berkeley.EDU.

Greg Small (415)642-5979
Personal Computer Networking & Communications gts@opal.Berkeley.EDU
214 Evans Hall CFC ucbvax!jade!opal!gts
University of California, Berkeley, Ca 94720 SPGGTS@UCBCMSA.BITNET

Date: 22 Oct 86 20:30:29 PDT (Wed)
From: From:


        If you buy the UB TCP/IP board, then you can get tn3270
from us. This is the same (more or less) program that runs under
4.2/4.3 Unix. We are currently beta-testing it, and we expect to
give it to users (on campus) next week (or so).

        What you would get (from us) is an executable, plus source.
You would need a PC compiler to compile it; we use the MetaWare

Greg Minshall


Date: Tue, 21 Oct 86 06:41:56 EDT
From: Scott Brim <From: Scott Brim <>

We've had it for quite a while (in color, with user-definable
keymappings, all that sort of stuff), but not for all interfaces.
I've forwarded your mail to the keeper of that code.

Date: 04 November 86 20:04 EST

Peter, Here's a copy...
        (Forward to anyone who might wish to know.)


To: Peter W. Day
From: Dick Cogger
      At Cornell, we have ported the MIT stuff to Aztec C, ported it
in C to the Macintosh, added Omninet drivers, and added a nice 3270
for talking to Wiscnet. We also have a compatible serial-port version
which works nicely against the 7171 running a modified H19 definition.
on the PC, there is key and color mapping, user selectable. The Mac
has a rudimentary macro facility which will be added to the PC. For
both, 3270 has a built-in file transfer which uses a CMS module and
operates via the TCP connection which is up for Telnet. Very simple
from the user perspective, but not super-high performance.

     We plan to submit all of it to the Maryland distribution as soon
as we have the source cleaned up and organized-- current target for
the PC stuff is Thanksgiving, more or less. We'll be adding drivers
for Appletalk and IBM token-ring, eventually.


>From >From Thu Oct 23 15:31:21 1986
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 86 20:01:25 edt
From: "James B. VanBokkelen" <From: "James B. VanBokkelen" <>

FTP Software has a contractural committment to include a tn3270 in its
PC/TCP package (major extensions to PC/IP by John Romkey, who has left
MIT) by March, 1987. We hope to beat this deadline by a good deal.
James B. VanBokkelen
FTP Software, Inc.
(617) 864-1711

CMU: Did not reply, although John Romkey <>
listed in his note to pcip-request dated 21 Sep 86 a CMU version
"available to anyone, token ring driver and 3270 emulator available
to IBM ACIS universities."

Rob Warnock called to point out that the key to porting 4.3bsd tn3270
to a system that has telnet (with source) was to change the telnet
on the target system in the same manner as telnet was changed under
4.3bsd for tn3270.

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