EGP madness (net 127)

Rob Austein (
Sun, 16 Nov 1986 15:15 EST

    Date: Thursday, 13 November 1986 23:20-EST
    From: karels%okeeffe@BERKELEY.EDU (Mike Karels)

    Any address (even an officially assigned one) can be used for the loopback
    with 4.3; it's set just like any other address. (But now I note in jjw's
    reply that 127 is official; I guess everyone is required to implement it.)

I got the impression that this was a more along the lines of
allocating the network number so that nobody would try to use it for
anything else (because there will probably always be broken machines
that leak this address). I certainly didn't read it as an imperative
that all TCP/IP implementations go out and implement loopback on this

If anybody else read this the way Mike did I guess we need a
clarification from the Number Czar.


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