Re: Prevalence of RDP implementations?

Bob Braden (
Tue, 18 Nov 86 16:10:18 PST

I believe one can say that RDP is not widely implemented or used. In my
opinion, it should be regarded as an experimental protocol. There are
two good ideas in RDP (selective retransmission and packet-orientation),
which are being incorporated into more recent experimental protcols
-- eg VMTP and NETBLT. Note that packet orientation is also a feature we
will all obtain eventually from TP4.

I have also heard some opinions (from within BBN as well as elsewhere)
that there are some not-so-good ideas in RDP. In my opinion (again), if
RDP were to become seriously used, it would need a cycle of improvement.
It would not seem to be a big win over TCP in most applications.

Bob Braden

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