Prevalence of RDP implementations?

Tim Maroney (hoptoad!tim@lll-crg.ARPA)
Sat, 15 Nov 86 14:20:34 PST

We are currently shifting from Appletalk protocols to Internet protocols
with our remote function protocol, which now runs on top of ATP (gag). We
want to be able to port quickly to various operating systems. My question
is whether RDP is quickly catching on. It's currently listed as a minor
host protocol; is it starting to become a major host protocol? I would like
to run RFP on top of RDP, which seems perfectly suited to the task, but it
is likely we will use TCP instead if RDP is still fairly obscure.

What about UDP? Well, I don't feel like adding yet another single-protocol
reliability layer to it! I think RDP is what UDP should have been in the
first place.

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