Encore Annex or Bridge Terminal Server

Sat, 15 Nov 86 13:07 EST

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Subject: Encore Annex or Bridge Terminal Server ?
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We have a Sun 160 to which we would like to add about 10 terminals lines.
The Sun is mainly a file server for 3 3/50's, and the amount of use of
the terminal ports is expected to be light. There are other machines on the
Ethernet that I would like to reach with the terminals, but I could always
log into the Sun first, and then Telnet or whatever across the ethernet.

1) What do I lose by putting my terminals on the ethernet? For example,
will ^O ^S ^Q all get gobbled rather than passed to Emacs for instance.
Will a terminal server on the ethernet affect paging from the Sun 50's to
the Sun 160?

2) Besides flexibilty, what do I gain by having my terminals on the
ethernet? Performance? Would I be better off with an ALM on the VME bus?

3) What advantages does the Encore Annex have over the Bridge boxes?
I would love to hear from anyone who has one.

4) Does anyone have the phone number for Encore? I have the Bridge info.

E-mail to me, and I'll summarize to the net.

Mike Clarkson, yetti!mike.UUCP

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