Re: EGP madness

Neil E. Gower (GOWER@A.ISI.EDU)
14 Nov 1986 09:38:23 EST

In Mark's message about the toplology as seen from the point of view of, the following entry appeared.

 Gateway at 5.0.5:
  Network(s) 2 hop(s) away: 192.12.172

I am really confused because our network (192.12.172) is attached
directly to the ARPAnet (10) via a GW at Does the fact that
the table shows that we are 2 hops (whatever that means) behind the BBN
MIL-ARPA GW explain why we (in Texas) have a hard time getting to the
West coast? Are we going through the East coast to get there? Or is
this just a mirage which is necessary for the EGP/GGP stuff to work?
Or a result of the shortage of table space in the GWs?

Neil Gower

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