Re: RTT's revisited

13 Nov 1986 07:37:29 CST

In response to the message sent 12 Nov 1986 15:47:32 EST from MILLS@A.ISI.EDU

As far as I know there has been no prohibition against joint installation
by GAO or Congress. The current EID policy was supported in an
ALMAJCOM letter by AF/SCT on 22 Apr 86. Additionally, the current draft
of the Local Information Transfer Architecture incorporates the fiber
optic policy in Annex E. The policy for installation in the LITA
basically says that fiber should not be installed jointly with coax for
broadband LANs or twisted pair unless the route will overlay
the eventual fiber optic backbone network. It recommends use of fiber or joint
installation for Catagory A and Catogory B systems (e.g., T-carrier,
ESS trunk circuits, broadband closed circuit TV, remote display circuits
for radar, high-speed point-to-point links, high-density links, line-of-sight
systems, ...). I will send you a copy of the letter and the LITA (draft).

Hope life's not too tough in the Pacific. Keep in touch.
I should be flying that way regularly starting in June 87.

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