Re: determining RTTs

7 Nov 1986 15:28:30 EST

In response to the message sent 5 Nov 1986 10:23-EST from CLYNN@G.BBN.COM


And I thought I was the only one making mischief in underutilized header
bandwidth. Fuzzballs happen to stamp the low-order 16 bits of the local
millisecond clock in the IP sequence field (generating more than one datagram
per millisecond is unlikely in these fossils). As you know, fuzzies usually keep
rather good time, so this might be useful in determining one-way delays. Also,
fuzzies stamp the size of the current retransmit queue in the urgent field
(when that field is not being used for the purposes intended). This was intended
for experiments in adaptive receiver strategies in much the same way your abuse
of the urgent field was. Someday when we both are grey we oughta try some of
those experiments.


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