Re: determining RTTs

Bruce Mac Donald (triada!triadc!bam@decwrl.DEC.COM)
Wed, 5 Nov 86 08:18:15 pst

Date: Wed, 5 Nov 86 08:03:26 pst
From: bam (Bruce Mac Donald)
Message-Id: <8611051603.AA11629@triadc.UUCP>
Subject: dos/vse ica question
Newsgroups: mod.protocols.tcp-ip,misc.wanted
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Keywords: ica ibm4361 cics btam

I am posting this for a co-worker with no direct access to the net please
email all replies to me I will summarize for the net if there is adequate

The environment is an IBM 4361 running under DOS/VSE using ICA (integrated
communications adapter), BTAM as access method. I have a CICS application
that will be calling non IBM systems.

Basic question: What is the best method of passing the phone number to the
dialer from the CICS application?

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