TCP Question

Tue, 4 Nov 86 16:10:38 PST

     Does TCP have a one-to-one responsibility to the ULP so the local-ULP
     knows what packets the remote-TCP has accepted?

     On a stream socket I can:
                         1) Establish a connection to a remote host
                         2) Physically DISCONECT the NAU from the ethernet
                         3) Issue n TCP writes and receive n GOOD return status
                         4) On the n+1 write or close I (may) get an error

    This may mean the n-10,n-11,n-12 reached their destination but n-1,n-2
    didn't...or any other combination.I have no way of knowing.Can someone
    please explain where the "reliable communication" is?

                            Thanks ,
                                      Jeff Busma

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