Re: overly short RTT's

David C. Plummer (DCP@QUABBIN.SCRC.Symbolics.COM)
Tue, 4 Nov 86 13:00 EST

    Date: Sun, 2 Nov 86 16:20:09 EST
    From: Stephen Wolff <steve@BRL.ARPA>

    Umm. There are even now other things than TCP lurking within those
    innocent IP wrappers, and their number will increase as various children
    of the ISO family are adopted. Should the gateway know them all? -s

As much as possible: Yes. This strategy helped tremendously with
another network protocol (Chaos) which has a .5 second retransmit
timeout when used over slow (9600 baud) land lines. It actually did
more than that: it understood enouch of Chaos to limit the number of
packets per connection. This problem was slightly alleviated by
changing out Chaos implementation to retransmit only the first packet on
the queue, which I think is common lore for all protocol implementations

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