New version of tn3270 available.
Mon, 3 Nov 86 16:03:46 PST

A new version of tn3270, a program which emulates an IBM 3270 over the
ethernet, is available for anonymous ftp. The tn3270 tar file is located
on host, in directory pub, in file tn3270tar. Unix sites
should probably retrieve this file in binary mode.

Following is the announcement of the new features, and bug fixes, in this
version of tn3270. Thanks for much of the work to Bob Braden, Alan
Crosswell, Cliff Frost, and Steve Jacobson.

Your truly,
Greg Minshall


New versions of the tn3270 and mset commands, used to logon to CMS from
unix, have been installed in /usr/new on all computer center Vaxen and

Significant changes to tn3270 are:

o The original version of tn3270 emulated an IBM 3277 terminal. This is
    an out-of-date terminal, and is no longer supported in some IBM
    environments. The new version of tn3270 emulates an IBM 3278
    terminal, which is a more recent IBM terminal. The new version of
    tn3270 will emulate different models of the IBM 3278, depending
    on the size of the user's terminal. The available terminal models
    and screen sizes are documented in "man new tn3270".

o This version of tn3270 (and mset) allow the user to send an EBCDIC cent
    sign to the CMS host with the new map3270 "centsign" entry. In addition,
    TEST REQUEST and CURSOR SELECT (IBM 3270 functions) now work reliably.

o This version of tn3270 handles "autoskip" fields correctly.

o This version of tn3270 will work even if the terminal (or window) on
    which tn3270 is running has a line width of more than 80 columns.

o Clearing all local tab stops now clears "home" and "right margin"
    (which is the way the Series/1 works).

o Tn3270 and mset now use an environment variable "KEYBD", if it
    exists, to decide which entry in /etc/map3270 to use for the
    user's terminal. If "KEYBD" is not defined, then "TERM" is used.

o A bug in the implementation of the 3270 order "Repeat to Address" (RA)
    has been fixed.

o Mset now has new options "-picky" and "-shell"; see "man new mset".

o Tn3270, when terminating (or going into command mode) now sends
    the termcap :ve:, :ke:, and :te: (if they exist) to the terminal.
    In addition, if the screen was in standout mode, this mode is
    cleared before terminating (or going into command mode). See

o Tn3270 now attempts to use the termcap :md: and :me: strings for
    highlighting instead of :so: and :se: (:so: and :se: are still used
    if :md: and :me: do not exist). See termcap(5).

o Various bugs giving rise to infinite loops dealing with "unformatted"
    screens have been fixed.

o The base telnet portion of tn3270 (see telnet(1)) has been upgraded
    to the 4.3 telnet. This has fixed many bugs where tn3270, in telnet
    mode, violated the ARPAnet TELNET specification. In addition, the
    command structure for tn3270 is that of the 4.3 telnet, rather than
    the 4.2 telnet (which was the command structure for the older versions
    of tn3270).

o A new command, transcom, has been added. This allows users to write
    (somewhat intricate) programs which can communicate, in ASCII, with
    programs in the IBM host that talk "transparent" mode. This may be
    useful for communicating graphics data to the terminal. For more
    information on this feature, please see "man new tn3270" (and, on the
    Sun systems, "man tk3270").


This is version 2 of tn3270.

Files (and directories):

ANNOUNCE A description of the new functions and fixes
                in this version of tn3270.
README This file.
curses The 4.3 curses package, which allows PUTCHAR to
                be defined (needed only if NOT43 is defined; see
                tn3270/makefile) for the sun and vax computers. These
                do NOT include the source for curses, just two .a files
                (in curses/sun and curses/vax).
include Contains arpa/telnet.h (for 4.2 sites). In addition,
                include/curses.h is the include file that MUST be used
                if the libcurses files in curses/vax/libcurses.a
                or curses/sun/libcurses.a are going to be used.
man Contains man pages in man/man1 and man/man5.
telnet.c Provides telnet protocol support for tn3270. This
                is essentially the 4.3 telnet.c; for tn3270 use,
                this must be compiled with -DTN3270.
tn3270 The actual code for tn3270. Note that the names of
                many of the files have changed. In addition,
                a new "make" target exists named "prt3270". This
                will generate a small program which interprets
                3270 data streams (as printed out by "toggle
                netdata"); hopefully this won't be needed by
                many people, but will be useful to those in need.
transcom An example of a transcom command driver; for using
                tektool on Suns. This directory includes the man
                page entry for the comand driver (tk3270).

Thanks go to Bob Braden, now at ISI, for his help in making tn3270
speak correctly in a 3278 environment; Alan Crosswell, at Columbia,
for working on alternate screen sizes; Cliff Frost, at Berkeley, for
help in the MS-DOS area; Steve Jacobson, at Berkeley, for lots
of work in the area of mset and transcom; and Jane Wolff, at Berkeley,
for helping keep the documentation intelligible to the user community.

There are comments in the code which might lead the casual reader
to think that possibly an MS-DOS version of tn3270 exists. This
is, in fact, true. We run with the Ungermann-Bass boards (which
implement TCP/IP on board). We plan on distributing the
entire "tn3270 on a PC" package at some point, but packaging is a problem.
Not only does one need the tn3270 source (which is what you have here),
but one needs: the right C compiler (we use the MetaWare compiler),
4.2 socket emulation code (which we wrote), minimal curses (which,
again, we wrote - but would be useless outside of a tn3270 environment),
and some C library stuff (as in (3N), mostly). People interested in
the MS-DOS version should probably contact me directly.

Greg Minshall

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