29 Oct 1986 18:42-EST

I probed and got the following back:

Date: Wed Oct 29, 1986 2:17 pm EDT

Subject: DECNET over IP


the following (included) message came as a response from a software
specialist in another district through a rather contorted chain of mail

        This kind of an architectural mish-mash would be kind of strange.
        However, you could do it. To make sense, the IP layer would have
        to function in the same capacity as X.25 in DNA. There would have
        to be DLM (Data Link Mapping) code added in DECnet-VAX to support
        DECnet circuits providel cy this new IP service. I can't think
        of any other way to do it.

        Even so the DLM would have to be more intelligent than the one
        currently implemented for X.25 since X.25 provides a connection-
        oriented service and IP does not.

DNA is of course Digital Network Architecture. Most people seemed to
think it would take a lot longer than a week! I wonder if this will get
any easier as Digital migrates DNA to OSI.... (I don't know anything
about IP!)

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