re: X.25 Standard service on ARPANET

Fri, 31 Oct 86 09:00:52 EST

Yes, one of them is the operational gateway between the NSFnet and the
Arpanet, because of which I had asked the question in the first place.
Packets between the NSfnet and the Arpanet are now flowing in a more
operational sense than before, even though there are some (non-IMP
related) problems left, i.e., the IMP at PSC/CMU gets only the outgoing
packets at this point of time, while the incoming packets are still
traversing the slower DCNet/UMICH/USAN path. This will be fixed shortly,
but as said, it's not IMP or X.25 interface related. The Standard-X.25
interface appears to be behaving fine, as it's getting packets almost all
week already.

         -- Hans-Werner

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