Secure LAN File Server

H. Craig McKee (mckee@mitre.ARPA)
Fri, 24 Oct 86 09:15:03 -0400

>From the October, 1986 issue of SIGNAL:

The National Security Agency (NSA) has signed a Memorandum of
Understanding to acquire a Secure LAN File Server that will provide high
grade encryption support for a variety of file storage devices. The
secure file server, being developed by Simpact Associates, Inc., as part
of its participation in NSA's Commercial COMSEC Endorsement Program,
will allow users with classified applications to file data on
conventional storage devices. Because the information is encrypted
before it is stored, the storage device does not have to be Tempest
treated, and users need not remove the medium and store it in a secure
safe when it is not in use. Elimination of these restrictions allows
users to configure their systems from a wide range of commercially
available, high performance, high density file storage devices. Future
related products, when used with a computer that has an accredited
secure operating system, will provide multilevel file security. The
first of this new family of file servers will address the government's
large installed base of Wang Laboratories, Inc., computers. Deliveries
are scheduled to start in late 1987. Commercial availability of the
Secure LAN File Server is contingent on final NSA endorsement.

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