DECnet over IP?

Charles Hedrick (
Sat, 18 Oct 86 22:24:46 edt

We are in the process of building a campus network for Rutgers. For
fairly obvious reasons (at least I hope they are obvious to readers of
this group), it is primarily IP based. I am finding it an increasing
pain in the neck to provide for VMS users who want us to support
DECnet among their machines. I understand their desire, since VMS has
DECnet very well integrated. But it seems nearly impossible to
support DECnet in a gateway, even when the gateway has been built to
support PUP, XNS, IP, Chaos, and every other conceivable protocol.
Anyway, it strikes me that the obvious solution would be to run DECnet
on top of IP. I can even think of a way to do it. But I don't have
enough time at the moment to implement it. Has anybody done this?
[The way I would do it is to write a device driver that pretended to
be a multi-line synchronous line controller. Inside it, there would
be a table that associated one IP address with each supposed
synchronous line. The driver would simply stick the right IP header
in front of each message and send it out the Ethernet interface. This
sounds like something a competent VMS hacker could do in a week,
though I've been involved in enough things like this to know how
misleading that can be.] I would probably be willing to pay, if
somebody would like to do it for us.

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