IP on 802

12 Oct 1986 16:26:38 PDT

value of K2 that is already assigned that indicates that the last two
ctets of the SNAP header holds the EtherType. If so we may be able
to use this value. This remains to be explored. The EtherTypes are
assigned by Xerox (as always).

The total length of the SAP Header and the SNAP header is 8-octets,
making the 802.2 protocol overhead come out on a nice octet boundary.

If we can not quickly resolve the issue of the values for K1 and K2,
we will push for the assignment of a sap value (a K1 value) to
indicate "IP related protocols" and do our own multiplexing (much like
that proposed above).

In any case, we will not create incompatible interpretations of
headers already in use on 802 networks.

*** end ***

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