Wanted: members for panel discussion on tcp-ip and sna

Sat, 11 Oct 86 18:07:47 PDT

I'll be chairing a panel discussion at /usr/group's UNIFORUM in
Washington DC in January, 1987; topic is tcp-ip vs sna.
I'm looking for speakers who can attend the conference and speak
for 10-20 minutes. The abstract for the panel session is:
        This session will compare Transmission Control Protocol / Internet
        Protocol (TCP/IP) and System Network Architecture (SNA) networking
        for the UNIX community -- specifically, basic capabilities of the
        two networks and common applications in commercial networks.
        It will also address the potential for (and value of) co-existence
        of the two protocols, gateways between them and advanced network
        capabilities, including PC-to-mainframe communications.
The session is scheduled for 22 Jan 87, 14:00 to 15:30 EST.
If you know of someone who might be interested in speaking, please have them
contact me as soon as possible.

Dave Buck	(408)972-2825	dave@dlb.BUCK.COM, {amdahl,sun}!dlb.UUCP!dave
D.L.Buck&Assoc.,Inc.	6920 Santa Teresa Blvd.		San Jose, Calif.95119

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