Re: IP source routing questions

9 Oct 1986 17:01-PDT

*sigh* Speaking as one of those people who gets to fight the
protocol battles at the DDN PMO (ever hear of Capt Don Quixote),
the MIL STDs are suppoosed to mirror the RFC's. The places where
they don't mirror the RFC's are errors and should be reported as
such. *sigh* The MIL STDs have a page at the back that can be
used to report these errors. You don't even have to put a stamp
on them. It may take a while, but eventually revised MIL STDs
will be issued. Until then, use both the MIL STDs and the RFCs
to implement and ask questions here if they differ.

Also, I've been trying to find time to issue the revised IP
Security Option as an RFC, but no luck. I am making it available
for anonymous FTP from the NIC under the path
"PS:<STJOHNS>IPSO.TXT". As far as the status of the IPSO goes,
it has been sent to the printers and should be available SOON
from Navy Pubs. The version I am making available should be the
same as the one available from Navy Pubs with the slim
possibility of minor changes.

Mike StJohns, tilter at windmills

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