Netnews in your mailbox

Thu, 9 Oct 86 11:03:12 PDT

In article <8609302105.AA05950@cbosgd.ATT.COM> (Mark Horton) writes:
>>My host spends
>>90% of it's time on the ARPAnet sending and receiving INFO-THIS, and INFO-THAT.
>>Also, I have multiple users receiving the same message from INFO-WHATEVER
>>as separate TCP connections to my host.
>If the ARPANET mailing lists do turn out to be the cause of the problem,
>I'd like to suggest a possible solution: Netnews.
>The major problems with using netnews on the ARPA Internet have
>historically been
>(2) Many users prefer to keep their mail and news lumped together
>in their mailbox.

Recent versions of the MH mail handler allow you to read news
with your mail program(s); most easily under 4.xBSD with
symbolic links from your mail directory into news directory's.

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