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Todd Booth 213-825-1933 (CSDCTGB@UCLA-CCN.ARPA)
Tue, 07 Oct 86 08:40 PDT

It's time to settle this "commercial vs university" issue.

> From: mckee@mitre.ARPA
> I object to moving the discussion of commercial vs university
> requirements off of tcp-ip.

Then you may wish to send a message to the coordinator of the Digest
who intended this digest for the following purpose:

"To announce new and expanded services in a timely manner.",

according to their advertising in SRI-NIC Netinfo:Interest-Groups-2.txt

> The tcp-ip community needs to at least understand, and hopefully
> accomodate, the contending views of public and private
> organizations.

You may be right, but if the main-stream of the group doesn't
want to hear about, so be it. The digest wasn't intended to
act as a big brother.

If you are so interested in this topic, you should be *happy*
to start your own digest. (I've set up PC-Token-Ring Digest
and can give you a hand.) You may get some interest on your
topic regarding products other than tcp-ip.

> The discussion should continue on tcp-ip.
> H. Craig McKee

The next message on "commercial vs university" should be from a
volunteer to help with the digest. (If anyone really cares so
much that they would help.)

Of course, the TCP-IP coordinator can overrule me if I have mis-
interpreted the protocol discussion.

-todd / UCLA Data Comm


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