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Benson I. Margulies (Margulies@SAPSUCKER.SCRC.Symbolics.COM)
Tue, 7 Oct 86 09:11 EDT

    Date: Sun, 5 Oct 86 11:13:42 EDT
    From: (olson)

    In article <8609280050.AA11782@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU> BEAME@MCMASTER.BITNET writes:
> Speeking as the president of one of those companies out there trying
>to make a living by selling TCP/IP code for PC's ...
> I ask you, what would you do if you wanted to sell such a product.
>(Remember were a very small company)
> - Carl Beame,
> President
> Beame & Whiteside Software Ltd.
> 259 Fiddler's Green Rd.
> Ancaster, Ontario, Canada.

In the same spirit of free-enterprise that drives Mr. Beame, I don't see
why we should all be giving him @i(free) advice. Other people have made
quite comfortable livings commercializing things that were born in
Universities (um, for example, Symbolics), why is he any different? If
he is unconvinced of the pofitability of PC IP/TCP, let him go do
something else. Someone else will turn up with a different idea.
If he's trying to imply that @i(no one) will ever turn out a commercial
product as long as university freebies exist, he's just plain wrong. Go
ask wollagong.

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