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> Speeking as the president of one of those companies out there trying
>to make a living by selling TCP/IP code for PC's ...
> I ask you, what would you do if you wanted to sell such a product.
>(Remember were a very small company)
> - Carl Beame,
> President
> Beame & Whiteside Software Ltd.
> 259 Fiddler's Green Rd.
> Ancaster, Ontario, Canada.

I'd sell it for a LOW price if at all possible. You see i'm not going
to get tcp/ip for the pc's around my department at $1000 a shot or even
$500 hundred a shot. I'd rather go to the campus computing people and
ask them to do the campus a favor and write something. At ~ $100 I might
consider a commercial product.

But (I hear you say) I might as well give it away. Well, If it is good
you will probably sell a lot of them at the lower price. Also you can
make money off of service. (not fixing broken software) Things like
helping a group figure out what they need, hardware and software.
That is a service you can charge for.

But (I hear you say) We are small, we can't serve all our customers that
way. Don't try. Let other service groups grow up to help people network
(hopefully your software will be good enough for them to recomend) You can
probably make a living off the people in your area by this sort of service
as well as get ideas for new products from the problems you solve for them.
If you write up very good documents on how to deal with these problems
you could sell them (text book level pricing) and if you really have
it together and can make your ideas clear and correct you can set up
a service franchise. (Hello, you have our software, you are in L.A.
what part? Okay, lets see, we have a service franchise at ... Why don't
talk to them first as they will be able to devote more time to your problem.
If you have trouble with them please call back.) The franchizee will report
to you all problems they encounter with your software, and you will support
them with solutions. You set standard for the franchice and in return
for being certified they pay you money. This way you get all the feed back
you would if all your customers called you directly without the problems
of providing support once the problem has been solved.
(Damn, there I go again, giving away my best ideas. But can you see
it "Hey Ma, Dad, I need a job should I try for a fast food joint or
a fast code joint." (so give me credit for the idea))

This way you can make a living with out having to become a corporate monster.

Todd Olson

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