Re: MIT pcip and 3com board

John Leong (
Thu, 2 Oct 86 17:59:44 edt

I have no experience with the newer 3COM short dumb card. However, with the
full length card, we have experience similar odd and flaky behaviour quite a
while back (It work with some machine but not others). The problem turns out
to be incompactibility between our transciever and the card.

Most of our transciver are the Ethernet Rev 1 varitey. The 3COM card uses the
SEEQ DQ8023 transceiver chip and is, by default, 802.3 variety. According to
the SEEQ engineering sheet, one can select the SEEQ chip to work as Rev 1
mode by grounding PIN 10 (notch to your left : bottom set of pins : wire the
first and last pins togther). We did that to all our 3COM board and the
problem went away. We suggested to 3COM that they should provide a jumper but
I don't think they have done anything.

But, there again, that may not be your problem .....

John Leong

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