Re: Congestion in the Arpanet

Thu 2 Oct 86 12:38:35-EDT

Niel, one reason collins may not be as saturated is that you
seem to be more isolated and in a multihop link across the country.
The only direct E-W link is USC-DARPA. The E-W link involving
Collins starts at SRI2-Collins-Texas-Bragg-Dcec20. The other E-W link
is UCLA-Texas-Bragg-DCEC20. The third E-W link is LBL-Utah-SAC-Uwisc-
Uroch-RCC5. So I would assume the NE bound traffic would prefer the
Norther route, and Mid-Atlantic bound traffice would prefer the direct

As to why PSNs have problems between two of its own hosts, I have no
idea, but have asked the question.


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