SMTP, 2600, and the security of mail

Rob Austein (SRA@XX.LCS.MIT.EDU)
Wed, 1 Oct 1986 16:00 EDT

    Date: Tuesday, 30 September 1986 13:29-EDT
    From: The lost Bostonian <>

    If it is true that all IP implementations enable a server program to
    determine the IP address of its peer, then the HELO command, and its
    response could be eliminated, which would save us a few bytes.

You are assuming that it is always possible to translate addresses to
names and vice versa. Unfortunately, there are some people out in the
world running domain nameservers who are totally clueless about what
they are doing, and there are others who have the misfortune to be
stuck behind a losing gateway or otherwise be unreachable much of the
time. Do you really want to make it impossible to receive mail from
some host because a third party is broken? Or have to put numeric
addresses into the Recieved headers?

The answer is to fix the silly net, not throw away features to save
two IP packets.


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