MIT pcip and 3com board

Phil Ngai (amdcad!phil@decwrl.DEC.COM)
Tue, 30 Sep 86 10:13:20 pdt

I am trying to use MIT's pcip package with a Compaq Portable Model 2
(286, smaller box) with a 3com etherlink card (3c501? the new short
dumb card). It won't talk to a VAX780 running vanilla 4.2 with an
Interlan NI1010A. It will talk to any Valid workstation (they have
3com interfaces) or a couple of microvax IIs with DEQNAs or a
730/BSD4.2 with an NI1010A.

Network Research's telnet does work, but I was interested in the mon
program that MIT has.

My theories are:

1) It's not a design problem with the NI1010A since the 730 works
2) It's not vanilla 4.2 since the 730 works.
3) It's not the Compaq or the 3c501 since NRC works.
4) It's not pcip since it talks to the 730.
5) It's not the 780 or its particular NI1010A since NRC works to it.

One or more of my theories must be wrong since it does not work. Any

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