Re: Do we need another protocol?

Bill Nowicki (nowicki@Sun.COM)
Mon, 29 Sep 86 13:04:11 PDT

        There is a growing trend in the Army to network Intel 310s
        running Xenix on a fat Ethernet under OpenNet. When asked why
        OpenNet instead of TCP/IP, the answer most often heard is
        because OpenNet provides inter-machine file and record-level
        access at the application level.

Of course I am biased, but you might want to consider the Sun Network
File System (NFS) protocol. NFS has the advantage of being
available on many different machines and operating systems:
MS-DOS, many Unix versions, VMS etc. It is licensed by more than 60
vendors, and based on the IP protocol. Specifications are public
domain, with fully-supported implementations avilable from several
sources. "Open" Net is quite a misnomer if it is only available from
one vendor.

I know, we should circulate an RFC form of the NFS spec; we are
working on it.

        Bill Nowicki
        Sun Microsystems

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