ISO Development Environment

Stephen Wolff (steve@BRL.ARPA)
Mon, 29 Sep 86 15:32:03 EDT

    The NSF is committed to international networking standards and to the
timely migration of NSFNET to the full ISO protocol suite. In support of
this commitment, the NSF will make available at each supercomputer center
on the NSFNET backbone, software which presents an ISO TP4 environment to
higher-level networking code, yet which uses the services of TCP and is
transportable over IP networks such as NSFNET and the ARPANET.

    This ISO Development Environment (ISODE) software will

        a) allow early deployment and use of existing high-level ISO
        networking software that requires a TP4 transport interface, and

        b) permit the development and testing of new ISO-style software
        with the assurance that the development effort will not have been
        wasted when the actual underlying transport and network layers
        switch from TCP and IP to their ISO counterparts.

Thus with the ISODE at each NSF supercomputer center, NSFNET can serve as
an early testbed for ISO-style high-level networking.

    The ISODE package was developed by Marshall T. Rose and Dwight E.Cass
of the Northrop Research and Technology Center and, while not in the public
domain, is made available to the networking community without charge and
without support. Comments on the package, including bug reports, will be
gratefully received.

                                           Stephen Wolff
                                           Program Director for Networking
                                           National Science Foundation

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